Welcome to Dogepad Finance.
$DPF is Meme Inspired and Utility Driven. A diverse multichain defi ecosystem which offers multiple short and long term utility alongside a popular meme concept. Using our experience to understand market dynamics our branding decision was made carefully. Its known that meme coins mixed with a unique utility package have the potential to set new records and shatter whats normal at that time. $DPX represents a collective of people with a passion to succeed and a united set of goals.
Why Dogepad?
We want to start a defi project that helps our friends, families and our newly found community members generate wealth. Defi is about combining forces with common individuals to get what is ours against the financial oligarchs and taxmen the world is comprised of. The focus is creating value for holders and bringing a financially free state to all for generations to come and have fun while doing it.

DogeSwap is a decentralized exchange that trades on Pancakeswap liquidities. It can make swaps and create liquidity pools through PancakeSwap.

Easy to use
Fast transactions


In addition to the above mentioned streams of income, our lottery will provide investors with potential to win huge rewards & be entertained with our interactive dashboard.

Hodlers of all sizes have access to the lottery and different Tier structures to parcticipate


Dogepad provides a flexible Apy starting with 40% with the ability to adjust % rate down or up. Just stake $DPF tokens on our dapp to enjoy passive income.


Basically, users can stake their tokens and/or provide liquidity to earn new tokens.

Launch Pad

Dogepad launchPad will be a playground for users to invest in safe new startup cryptocurrency projects. We will create a platform that incorporates Web3 solutions to the problems early-stage ventures face after fundraising. Only projects that receive the DogePad stamp of approval will be listed to provide secure investments for $DPF holders. We aim to be one of the best meme focused launch pads in DeFi.


Its our mission to ensure you have an enjoyable experience when you visit the $DPF community.

We have vetted our core and mod teams extensively and have experience working together prior. This ensures investor safety when you are dealing with anyone from the team. For your safety kyc procedures will be in place for all team members managing funds and we will also audit our contract and utilities for potential flaws.

Phase 1

• Community Growth driving engagement through contests and giveaways
• Coin listing site trending (Coinmooner,
• Coinsniper, WatcherGuru ads)
• CMS hot trendings & Poocoin ads.
• Deploy Solidity Smart Contract
• Coinscope audit live
• Perform KYC Audit for commitment towards investor security
• Sneak peak of staking dapp, swap and lottery.
• Medium article
• Swap live
• Lottery dapp live
• AMA events in large whale groups
• Prelisted CMC & CG

Phase 2

• Launch fairlaunch presale.
• Staking live.
• Large Scale marketing push like long term partnership with quality audience Youtubers , Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Telegram influencers
• Trending on CMC, CG and Dextools
• Avedex top3 whole week & Chinese Cmc & Cg.
• Listing on first Tier 1 Exchange
• Twitter trending
• Lottery development done.

Phase 3

• Flooz trade buying live
• Articles on Yahoo finance, CoinTelegraph, Benzinga and others
• Second tier1 CEX listing live
• Certik audit
• Dogepad LaunchPad live
• Vetted Projects listing on dogepad
• Mainstreams going live on topic Dogepad launchPad.
• Launch whitepaper V2
• Launch whitepaper V2
• 10k holders
• Huge airdrop event bringing global mainstream attention
• Partnership with big marketing agencies
• Exploring own smart chain development with proof of stake mechanism.

Phase 4

Marketing in E-sports events.
• Launch whitepaper V2
• Launch website v2
• 10k holders
• 10k Tg & discord members
• Huge airdrop event bringing global mainstream attention.
• Partnership with big marketing agencies
• Listing on Kraken & Binance
• Exploring own smart chain development with proof of stake mechanism.

Buy & Sell Tax : 5/5
Total supply: 10M
Circulating supply : 10M
Symbol: $DPF
3% Marketing
1% Doge Rewards
1% Lp
Sell tax will be 8% during first few hours after launch. It will be set back to normal after first 8 hrs.
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